Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to School Linky Party + Giveaway!

Is it really almost time to think about back to school? Well, Target sure thinks so! This is my first time hosting a linky party, but I thought it would be fun to share some ideas of back to school items that you have created or have found! It is the last couple of weeks of summer that I start downloading, printing, buying, etc!  So why not share some great ideas with each other? 

Here are two of my own Back to School items:
Here's my Back to School FREEBIE
Editable Parent Teacher Conference Forms and Thank You
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Here's my newest product:
Writing Center Activities 
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Now is your chance to link up your favorite back to school ideas/products! 
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Back To School Linky Party

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Word Work Activities + a FREEBIE!

Need Word Work Activities? 

Included is 20 ready-to-print and use worksheets that can be used with ANY spelling list of 15 words or less. This can be used with Daily 5 or any spelling program that you use. Send home for homework or use in class! I like to give my students the menu and then make several copies of each spelling activity and they get to choose that activity out of the file folder. 

Want a freebie sample page? Click HERE to grab your FREEBIE!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Head to An Apple for the Teacher to Enter 5 Giveaways!

I'm honored to be apart of An Apple for the Teacher's 5 Day Giveaway!

She's featuring some amazing teachers and their products, PLUS... she's giving away gift cards GALORE! 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Merry (Half) Christmas SALE! 20% off ALL of my TpT!

It's 6 Months 'Til Christmas! 

I'm one of those people that start Christmas music in November. I'm ALL about a countdown! So when I saw this linky party, I jumped on board! All of my Teacher pay Teacher items are ON sale today and tomorrow :)

Here are just some of my favorite products: 


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Merry (Half) Christmas!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Teacher Never Stops Working!

My husband can tell you... My job never stops. Neither does my brain!

Just when I think " YAY... SUMMER TIME," my brain starts thinking and I can't help but get my thoughts out on paper! Or in this case, on the computer. I LOVE creating new products for Teachers Pay Teachers, because to me it is like digital scrapbooking!  (Which I LOVE to scrapbook!)

So, within the first week of being "off", I created a few new things. 
They are all things that I have been wanting to for my classroom anyway, so I thought I'd make them to share them with you! 

Here they are :)

20 Ready to Print Word Work/Spelling Worksheets

(To be used with any word list)

Included is 20 ready-to-print and use worksheets that can be used with ANY spelling list of 15 words or less. This can be used with Daily 5 or any spelling program that you use. Send home for homework or use in class! I like to give my students the menu and then make several copies of each spelling activity and they get to choose that activity out of the file folder.

Click HERE to see it in my TpT


Show Not Tell (Mini Writing Unit)

This is a FUN unit to help students add description to their writing. Most students LOVE to act... they won't even know they're learning at the same time! It is a perfect unit to do by itself, or to add to a current writing unit. This is aligned to the Common Core for grades 2-5!

Click HERE to see it in my TpT


Sports Hall of Fame 

(High Achieving Learning Opportunities)

When students are done with their work, have free time, or have extra time at home, challenge them to answer questions from the Sports Hall of Fame. This is a great resource with 88 higher level thinking questions in ALL SUBJECT AREAS! Students can either answer the question from their brains or research to find the answer. They must be able to tell you the answer from their memory (no paper allowed!) When they get a question correct, they get to mark the corresponding numbered square on their Sports Hall of Fame Tracking Sheet (included). When students get 15 correct, they make it in the official Sports Hall of Fame and get to sign their name on the Hall of Fame sheet (included)! I have these displayed on my bulletin board and on my class website. Each student has a recording sheet in their folder.

Click HERE to see it in my TpT


Entirely Editable Teacher Binder

This is a FULLY EDITABLE TEACHER BINDER! Through all of my searching, I have not found a product that is fully editable. It includes a cover page, divider pages, 3 options of binder spines, parent forms, and TONS of classroom forms!! Note: When buy this binder ONCE, you will get a FREE updated binder each year when the new year is posted! All you'll have to do is re-download this product... free of charge!

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Which one is your favorite newest product?

Monday, June 23, 2014

1,000 Instagram Followers = GIVEAWAY time :)


I hit over 1,000 Instagram followers... so that means it is time for a GIVEAWAY! 
My husband often laughs at me saying that I am "ALWAYS on Instagram" talking to my "teacher friends". Well, I hate to admit it, but he is right. I started a teacher Instagram account just 3 months ago with hopes of gaining ideas from fellow teachers and sharing my ideas with others. It has been more than just that. I have created some amazing friendships with people I have never met. It has been so fun getting to know some amazing people who share the same passion as mine. Now I don't even use my personal IG account anymore! 

Anyways, on to the GIVEAWAY! Not too long ago, I was hearing a lot about "Classroom Supplies Sharpener". I was intrigued as my two sharpeners in my classroom broke! I watched a simple video and I was SOLD! When I first got it in the mail, I was a bit confused as of how to use it, but then rewatching the video made it all clear. As soon as I figured it out and how easy it was to use it, I couldn't WAIT to show my students the next day. 

I am not kidding when I say, it makes the PERFECTLY sharpened pencil EVERY time and within SECONDS! No more broken pencils or sharpeners that eat up the pencil. No more LOUD sharpeners. Those are major pros in my mind! 

So without further ado, check out the video that got me hooked! 

Here is more from their website:

The best part may be the colors that they come in! I got a PINK one and I LOVE IT! So do my kids :)

To enter, follow directions below. GOOD LUCK! 
Giveaway ends in ONE week (7/1/2014)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oscar Nominations & Oscar Night Explained -- Year Round Classroom Management / PBIS System

A Look into My Classroom Management / PBIS System

Introducing… Oscar Nominations!

It all began when I got a long-term sub position as a fifth grade teacher in the middle of the school year. Needless to say, it was a tough situation to come in to, because all the students were already acclimated with their previous teacher. I was straight out of college and nervous as heck. I knew I had to come up with something to build a community with my students. This is where Oscar Night was born!

Oscar Night is an end of the year award night. Students work for this night ALL year long. All throughout the year, students nominate other students in the classroom for things that they noticed and appreciate. This develops an intrinsic motivation for students and gets them to think about other people around them. This causes them to notice other people (which is a skill that even adults need to work on ;). ) Kind of like "Bucket Filling"This is a great source of praise since it comes from their peers. Students love nominating other students and even more, they look forward to our end of the year event with families. 

So here's how it works! The first day of school I introduce this to the students. On one of the shelves in my room I keep this box that I made out of a shoe box and covered it in construction paper. (You can use anything that is covered.)

I have five categories: Helping Hands, Above & Beyond, Best Listener, Most Improved, and Team Player. Here are the descriptions of each category:

Helping Hands
This person goes out of his/her way to help someone out.  They have a positive attitude and a caring heart. 

Great Listener
This person is always carefully listening.  They listen for important information, directions/instructions, and they show they are listening to their peers.

Above and Beyond
This person strives for excellence by going above and beyond.  They do more than is required of them.

Most Improved
This person has shown great improvement and effort towards their goals.

Team Player
This person cooperates and works well with others.  They are respectful and encourage one another.

After explaining the categories to the students, I introduce the nomination slips. Here's an example of the PDF version of Above & Beyond nomination slip. I print out a stack of each category's slips and put them in labeled envelopes by the nomination box. 

How to nominate: Students can nominate other students in our class for things they notice them doing. These are supposed to be secret! They write who the award is for, why, and sign their name. They fold it up and slip it in to the nomination box. 
It is so neat to see students secretly nominating their peers throughout the year! 

At the end of the year, I secretly gather all of the slips out of the box and separate them by student.  You will find the some students get nominated WAYYYY more than others. I've had some instances where some students didn't get any nominations :(. In those cases, I work my magic and pull a couple of my trustworthy students aside during lunch and have them write one specifically for that kid. I just make sure they keep it secret.  

Since the slips are folded, I put a heavy book over them to flatten them out. Then, I cut construction paper to make a front and back cover and tie them up! Bravo! Now every student has all the nominations written about them throughout the year. The kids are so surprised and excited to finally see these! I do tell the kids to wait till they get home to read them (as I don't want some seeing that another student has more than them.) 

Preparing for the big night, I have students cut out a star, glue it on to a black piece of paper, and then stamp their hand in paint and sign it. This makes for the outline of our red carpet (See below!)

Behind the scenes… I count up to make sure every student has a minimum amount of certificates. The students then determine who gets what certificate. Basically, whatever category the student is nominated most for wins that award.  EVERY student will win an award!

 I invite all families to come and tell the kiddos to dress up! I tell them paparazzi's will be there taking pictures :) They get to walk down the red carpet while parents snap their photo!

 How cute are these sunglasses I found at Walmart? Amazon has them also!
 Student's celebrity autobiographies are hanging up for parents to see and read :)
Click to download "Celebrity Autobiography" Writing for FREE HERE

 Included in the Oscar Night packet is a snack sign up! I always make sure I have plenty of popcorn :)

I have all students grab their snacks, get seated, and then I begin the night! 
Ahead of time, I'll write down my script. 

I'll announce the winners for each category. When I announce the students' name, I'll follow by reading something that another student wrote about them on their nomination slip. It is so fun to hear what they write about one another! 

 (These are the certificates-- included in the packet!)

It makes for such a fun night, but more than that… the students earned it! They work the entire year noticing other students and going out of their way to praise them for it! 
I always submit our photos to the local school newspaper and we are always featured! Parents speak so highly of this event! 

 Here is what you'll receive buying this packet:
-Description of Oscar Categories 
(helping hands, above & beyond, best listener, team player, most improved)
-6 Nomination slips for each category
-7 Certificates for each category (+1 Most Valuable Player)
-Oscar Night Invitation to send to families
-Oscar Night snack sign up
-Welcome to Oscar Night Banner

Click HERE to check it out in my TpT store :)

(Winners chosen tonight-- May 21st!)
What do you do for classroom management/ PBIS system in your class?